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Japan finished the championship in figure skating. The main surprise of the evening took place in the men’s figure skating. Two-time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu unexpectedly lost top spot Chomet Uno, failing any program. Read more in the material.

 World Championship: free program pointed to fatigue Hanyu

 After the short program at the European Championship, we published an article with subtotals. Yuzuru skated almost perfectly, improving his record of accumulated points for the CP. No one there was no doubt that he will take the gold medal of the championship. No one, except the Hanyu.

 By the end of the calendar year, to all appearances, the forces began to leave the famous Japanese. Having recovered after another injury in time for the World Cup, skater gave a performance for which received a “silver” ( “gold” won the Nathan Chen). It took this as a victory for the fans, because the athlete was just beginning to take shape. Off-season has also promised bright performances Hanyu fall. He returned the quad lutz, and it seemed that winning a rematch just around the corner.

 But the final Grand Prix has come, and Yuzuru again succumbed to Chen. Hanyu appealed to fans, asked for support and promised to get better by the championship in Japan. And his performance in the short program really gives hope. But in any all were disappointed.

 Already on the first jump (quad rittberger) – error, Yuzuru miracle kept on his feet. Further good Salchow – and mistake again. Instead of a quad lutz audience and the judges saw double. Then, a quadruple toe loop, a cascade of 4T + 1Eu + 3F, a triple axel – all the jumps got zaminusovali assessment. There was a feeling that the Han are simply not strong enough for this program. But if in the final of the Grand Prix, this has resulted in a failed 3A, here it concerned the entire program.

 The result – 172.05 points for the PP and 282.77 in total. Yuzuru loses Chomet Uno (PP – 184.86 and 290.57 in total), which, on the contrary, has found stability at the end of the calendar year.

 Does this mean that the Hanyu can no longer claim to be the best in the world? Of course not. On the contrary, after a short rest and emotional reboot to expect from the Japanese champion of new achievements and victories. Given the nature of Yuzuru, it saturated the way, the ability to overcome difficulties – that’s what he does best.

 About Yuzuru Hanyu plans for this season, we wrote in a separate article.

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